Sunday, a great place to start!

I am Edie.  Woman, Mother, friend.  Sixty seven and figuring it all out!  Thanks for joining me!

I am finding at this glorious stage of my life I have questions, and really I thought I would have the answers.  What is expected of a woman, retired and still active?  I love the spiritual side of life and now  I’ve pretty much settled into a melange of all my studies.  (we can dig into that more later). How much input into my adult children’s  lives is acceptable?  How motivated should I be about creating another stream of income?  How much time should I be devoting to my beauty, i.e. exercise, face creams, clothing that make me look slim,  coloring my hair?

I’ve decided to let my hair grow into its natural color and not use color anymore…does that mean I’ve decided to give up?  I do think long grey hair on men or women is quite sexy and that is what I’m going for but Yikes,  the thoughts just keep on coming!

I get the “always working for my health” and I am diligent and aware of what I eat.  Will there be a time when unlimited cookies of my choice be acceptable?

And final question is this….how do I calm the question of “How much time do I have left?” with the effort I put into each day?

Have an unexpected great day!